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Apollo Surprise Box February 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Valentine’s Day Edition

The Apollo Surprise Box is a subscription box that offers a customized delivery of unique, funky, trendy, and cool items every month. There is some customization when you subscribe but other than that it’s left to their choice! Their store is full of a variety of items, so I was curious to see what they chose for me!

This is the review of the Valentine’s Day Edition box. It’s similar to the regular box, where they include products based off the subscription box member’s unique taste and preference, but this time some of the gifts have a romantic twist.

DEAL: Get 20% off your first Apollo Surprise Box with coupon code HELLO1920.

Here’s how I filled in my survey!

First look! Everything is wrapped safely in bubble wrap.

A personalized letter is included outlining the items included and how much I saved.

There are small notecards with more details on the items that were picked for me.

Magic Writing Card ($4.99) — A cute watercolour designed card with a secret message. Hold it up to a bright light to read the full greeting! It includes an envelope. The card doesn’t open up, but you can pen your message on the backside which is blank.

Luckily I have a bright light inches away when I take photos, so it definitely came in handy!

Doctor Who Tea Set ($24.95) — I indicated in my survey that I’m a big fan of space and sci-fi, and so this Doctor Who set of cream and sugar holders is SO flipping perfect for me!

The Dalek has a small spout on the front, and the lid removes easily to be refilled. The TARDIS has a notch to keep a sugar spoon. These are so cute, I die! I have a collection of Doctor Who mugs so this set will go perfectly with it.

The Planet Mug ($15.95) — I love space so when I saw this mug I was so excited. it’s cute enough on its own, but when you add hot water it becomes even cooler!

Here it is out of the box. It’s not dishwasher safe, so I’ll have to handwash it, but honestly, I don’t mind!

I brewed up some vanilla orchid tea, poured in the hot water, and like magic the text appears to give you fun facts about the planets! The design goes all the way to the top of the mug, but I underfill mine so I can add lots of cream.

Delicate Owl Country Rose Bath Bomb ($6.50) — Delicate Owl is a UK-based soap and bath business, and this beautifully packaged bath bomb is scented with rose. The info card made me think it was a blend of lavender and rose, but even better, they are two different variations you could receive and I’m soooo happy I got the rose one. The price is a bit lower on Delicate Owl’s website but I always like to factor in the added cost of international shipping to the US/Canada with items from Europe/etc. So I think the $10 value is definitely fair!

I managed to carefully unpack it without ruining the packaging (in case I want to gift it) and look at the beautiful rose petals on top! It smells so amazing… you know, never mind, I’m keeping it for myself! LOL!

My Apollo Valentines Surprise Box blew me AWAY by how perfect it was tailored to me! Doctor Who, SPACE, and a delicious bath treat… I definitely feel pampered and spoiled!

What do you think of the Valentine’s Day Edition of Apollo Surprise Box?

Apollo Surprise Box

Apollo Surprise Box is for people who love sporting unique products but don’t like spending the time looking for them. Each item in the box is hand picked to fit your personal taste and lifestyle so you’ll get products that you’ll actually like and use. Pick from two subscription boxes and three payment plans based on your budget.

Check out the Valentine's Day Edition of Apollo Surprise Box and the romantic gifts inside! Here's the review + coupon!

Apollo Surprise Box October 2018 Subscription Box Review & Coupon Code

October 30, 2018 by Wendy Rose — Leave a Comment

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Apollo Surprise Box is a subscription box offered by Apollo Box, a website dedicated to unique & quirky novelty items.

Upon signing up, subscribers are asked to fill out a questionnaire so their box can be personalized to their specific tastes and interests. Product categories include home decor, gadget, kitchen, outdoor, beauty, sci-fi, and more. You can also select your preferred style such as geek, punk, minimalist, modern, romantic, and cute. In addition to your actual items, every box will also include an interactive augmented reality greeting card.

Disclosure: I received this box for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own. Post may contain affiliate and/or referral links.

Subscriptions are $30/month (for up to $50 in items) or $50/month (up to $80 in items). They also offer a quarterly option. — For a limited time (thru 11/30), you can get a FREE $10 gift card with any new subscription! Just use coupon code “SURPRISEGIFTS“.

Let’s see what’s in my October 2018 Apollo Surprise Box!

Everything was shipped in a plain white box with a small Apollo sticker on the side.

A peek in the box!

An enclosed info sheet listed all of the items inside, along with photos and retail values for each one.

There were also four separate glossy cards with additional details on each product.

LED Bottle Light ($24.98)

How pretty is this bottle light?! It’s definitely one of those things that you totally don’t need, but are happy to have once it’s in your hands. Available in six different colors (I LOVE the pink!), the 11-inch tall glass bottle comes with a strand of white battery-operated LED lights. The battery pack and on/off switch are cleverly built into the plastic “cork” that sits inside the mouth of the bottle. It was a little tricky trying to push the lights down to the bottom of the bottle, but even if they’re not all that evenly placed I still think it looks pretty neat. 🙂

Retro Robot Bluetooth Speaker ($21.98)

Listen to music on the go with the help of this adorable robot bluetooth speaker. This lil’ guy only measures 2.4 inches at its longest point, yet delivers impressive sound. It’s compatible with any Bluetooth (v3.0) enabled phone or tablet and has a built-in USB rechargeable battery.

Diatomite Coaster ($8.98)

This square, cactus-themed coaster is made of natural diatomite — aka diatomaceous earth — the naturally occurring fossilized remains of single-celled aquatic algae (diatoms). This material is incredible for absorbing condensation and drips from cups and glasses, protecting your tabletops underneath. The cactus design isn’t my favorite, but they have 21 different styles — including adorable kittens & woodland friends. 🙂

Mini Squishy – Apollo Box Exclusive ($1.98)

When I first saw the info card above, I quickly noticed that one of the squishies was not like the other… Hint: It’s on the bottom left. Since I knew my kids would want to play with it, I was REALLY hoping I wouldn’t receive that one. Thankfully, I got a G-rated sleeping white kitty. She’s super stretchy, squishy, and has already been fought over. Clearly a win. 😉

October’s Apollo Surprise Box included a fun mix of quirky (yet mostly useful) items. I love the pretty bottle light and I’m sure the robot bluetooth speaker will come in handy some day. 🙂 The total retail value of all the products was just under $58 — over $20 more than the monthly subscription cost. Not bad! — Remember, for a limited time (thru 11/30) you can get a FREE $10 gift card with any new subscription! Just use coupon code “SURPRISEGIFTS“.

October 2018 Apollo Surprise Box Review


A fun collection of unique items that I’ve come to expect from Apollo Box. Definitely a great subscription box for anyone who prefers things a little out of the ordinary. 🙂

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Apollo Surprise Box is a subscription box offered by Apollo Box, a website dedicated to unique & quirky novelty items. Upon signing up, subscribers