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The calibrated low temp dual coils extract the true flavors of wax concentrates. The R2 Series GEN3 atomizer kit features universal 510-threading for easy attachment. Bongs A range of high quality glass products from the iconic comedy duo Cheech & Chong Smoking Pipes & Chillums High quality pipes made by the worlds favourite stoners! Considered as 2 of the most famous smokers in the world, the infamous duo, Cheech & Chong have released their own range of first class smoking devices including hand pipes, water pipes, bubblers, oil rigs and more. The comedy duo's career began in 1970's with comedy routines and films that focused on hippie culture.

Eventually becoming cult hero's there careers have spanned across decades, influencing many other actors, comedians, musicians and especially the development of counterculture. The release of their smoking brand in recent years has seen them put their energy in to pushing forward a reliable brand of high quality paraphernalia aimed at the smoking world. Made from 100% high quality borosilicate glass in a trippy selection of colours and designs, you'll feel super proud owning one of their pieces in your collection. If you are a herb smoker, they have a great selection of pipes and bongs in an array of different designs. Whether you prefer a traditional dry pipe or water pipe, they have a bunch of well thought out pieces that could only come from a duo who have over 40 years of smoking experience. Their range of 'Chongdolf' glass pipes are a heady take on the classic 'Gandalf' smoking pipe. Measuring in at 9 inches long and made from 100% borosilicate glass they come in a funky range of attractive colours such as White, Blue, Fumed and Smokey. The length ensures the smoke is cooled somewhat before it reaches Your mouth and the large bowl size means you can pack a fat bowl to enjoy. They come supplied with a cushioned, tie dye, draw string bag so you can rest assured they stay safe when not in use. From their range of bongs, a stand out one that we love here at Shiva is the 'Sgt Stadanko'.

It is a classic conical base, straight tube bong with a fantastic aesthetic. Standing at 14 inches high it is guaranteed to pack a punch. It's Smokey, fumed glass that appears to reflect every colour of the rainbow when caught in the sun, especially after a smoke! It even has a magnetic lighter holder, so you’ll never misplace your trusty clipper again! Cheech & Chong Glass Bong Framed (Colour Changing) Every pothead knows Cheech & Chong, the stoner duo that brought us hilarious movies such as "Up in smoke", but did you know that they also have their very own line of bongs? And some of those bongs have an absolutely unique feature: They change their colour when used! Take some tokes and watch it take on an iridescent touch - it is pure magic! Cheech & Chong - Glass Bong Framed: A colour-shifting bong, handmade by experts. Cheech & Chong, a duo of stoner comedy pioneers is now offering their own line of smoking paraphernalia and this includes bongs. And some of those bongs have an absolutely unique feature: (No, not that fat Cheech & Chong lettering!) They change their colour when used! Serious, at first glance this bong may look like any other - except for a yellowish/golden sheen - but after some hauls it has taken on shades of blue and purple! Well, this effect is caused by the interaction of a super thin layer of precious metal, which is applied to the inside of the bong, the resin from the burned weed and light. Once a thin layer of resin has built up, the light is refracted in a way that gives the glass an iridescent touch. What really baffles, is that the chamber with the showerhead percolator is exempt from the effect. This is excellent craftsmanship, hand-blown in Canada! 39cm (Each bong is blown separately, making every single one a unique piece!) Comes in a protective tye-dyed leatherette box and with a certificate of authenticity. A tech demo is a computer and video game industry term referring to short applications designed to gauge interest in an upcoming product or to demonstrate hardware-specific features. Tech demos have various levels of interactivity, ranging from real-time videos to short but fully playable demonstrations. Tech demos are rarely intended to be turned into fully fledged commercial products, though their ideas and concepts are sometimes reused. Due to its status as Nintendo's flagship franchise, the Mario franchise has been the subject of or has been featured in many tech demos. The sprites of Yoshi could be seprate like Yoshi's Story or the prologue cutscene from Yoshi's Island. Usually it's old mixed with new but sometimes it's close.

Here's Super Mario Kart Here's Mario Kart 8 Mario Kart 8 is actually GIFs but they weren't showing so I made them regular images. Sometimes they make Yoshi taller & slimer like he used to. And here's one of playing Switch Only noticeable difference is the spikes going from back of the neck to back of the head. I think they had a cursor where Yoshi was about to use his tongue. It could pass as a mini-game (if were still taking about the mysterious Purple Yoshi pic).

Those are some nice looking remakes of classic Mario/SMK artwork but I meant in-game 3D models. If it was a minigame, maybe it could of been part of WarioWare for 9Volt if they couldn't make it a full game. They could do that for a future microgame for Wario Ware on Switch.


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