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If your grow op has multiple strains all fed and lit the same way but only one strain is going purple, and if the purple strain is growing as well as all the other strains, you’ve probably got nothing to worry about. However if you’re growing multiple strains and most or all plants have purple stems, petioles, and stalks, you’ve likely got problems to diagnose and fix, especially if the strains aren’t known to be purple strains. The most common purple problems come from hydroponics nutrients disorders and root zone issues. Phosphorus and magnesium lockout or deficiencies are at the top of the list. Purple stems can also come from nitrogen or potassium deficiencies or lockouts.

Please look at this series of articles giving you a scientific way of diagnosing and fixing nutrients problems. Fixing magnesium deficiencies is easier than fixing phosphorus, nitrogen, or potassium problems. You root or foliar feed Epsom salts at a rate of ¼ teaspoon of Epsom salts per gallon root feed or a 130 ppm foliar feed at 5.7 pH. You can root feed Sensi Cal-Mag in grow phase and the first three weeks of bloom phase. In bloom phase, root feed Bud Candy, Bud Factor X, and Microbial Munch (all three have magnesium). Fixing phosphorus deficiency is challenging because there are few solo phosphorus supplements. If I suspect phosphorus deficiency, I add B-52 in grow phase, and B-52 and Big Bud in bloom phase. The B-52 provides added phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, along with B vitamins that help stressed plants.

Beware that most bloom boosters contain way too much phosphorus in relation to potassium . Inferior hydroponics base nutrients and supplements can create lockout and deficiencies, as can incorrect root zone pH, bad water, overwatering, and overfeeding. And if you routinely add a solo element like magnesium into your root zone, you may eventually create other problems, such as nutrients lockout. Only feed materials such as Epsom salts for one or two watering cycles, then stop using that material, and see what happens. If you’ve tried flushing, adding individual nutrient elements such as magnesium, eliminating grow room environmental problems, pests, and diseases, and you still have purple stems, petioles and other plant parts, watch your purpling plants closely. If they’re purple but they’re otherwise growing well, no worries. But if they’re growing slowly or not at all, if bud development is delayed and inadequate, if they’re not using much water or nutrients, this is most likely a sign of a defective strain . This is especially verified if you’re growing other strains in the exact same environment and they’re doing great. For example, I had a 3000-watt grow room with five different strains. One strain had purple stems starting three weeks into grow phase. Those plants grew slowly with weak stems and stalks. They didn’t yield enough weight, even though the buds were potent. You might also like: In previous autoflowering marijuana articles we gave you the dozen best autoflowering marijuana strains. We gave you cultivation strategies and lighting specifics for maximizing your yields and potency. Autoflowering marijuana… When I first bought pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients to use in my deep water culture (DWC) system, I was tempted to throw away my pH meter. The pH Perfect… Purple marijuana is one of the most beautiful cannabis plants in the world, and that’s one reason purple marijuana strains have become extremely popular in the last ten years. Sky High Smoke Shop is a premier Online Head Shop based in Los Angeles, California. Being in the industry since 2004 we decided to start this company with one primary goal. This goal is to provide our customers with high quality products at unbeatable prices. To show our customers how much we really appreciate their business we took an extra step to make them happy. All taxes and shipping costs for those in the USA are waived. Any purchase made from our website is backed by a hassle-free return policy to ensure your satisfaction. The products listed on Sky High Smoke Shop are quality tested and manufactured by some of the largest names in the industry. We offer customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to get answers to your questions in a fast and proper manner. Cigarettes, Water And Weed: Some LA Businesses Are Slammed, While Others Are Closing Their Doors. City and state authorities are requiring bars, movie theaters and gyms to close to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But for other kinds of small businesses, the decision is up to them.

We surveyed over a dozen small business owners along a short stretch of Lincoln Boulevard near Rose Ave. We avoided stores that have already been instructed to stay open (restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies) or shut down (gyms, bars, movie theaters).

Lincoln and Rose seemed like a good cross-section of Los Angeles. Here, homeless people sleep in RVs in front of upscale stores that specialize in alkaline water, and a payday loan store shares a corner with Whole Foods. We found that the decision to stay open, or close down, depends on how many customers were still coming in to shop.


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