7 pipe high tech

Discover the 7pipe Twisty™ Glass Blunts

7pipe Twisty™ Glass Mini – Smaller but still baller – 0.5 G

7pipe Twisty™ Glass Blunt – The one and only Twisty™ Glass Blunt – 2 G

7pipe Twisty™ Glass XL – The biggest and most impressive Glass Blunt from the Twisty™ Familly – 4 G

Roll with class, smo ke with glass

The original 7pipe TwistyGlass blunts, imported from the U.S.A. and now available in Europe!

US patent #D761,487S

De 7pipe Twisty ™ Glass Blunt is developed for elegance, durability, ergonomics and non toxic!
Because of the sleek design of the Twisty ™ Glass you can carry them easy in your pockets and use them again whenever you want!

A unique experience. Discover how easy it is!

Why should I choose for genuine 7pipe products?
– Luxury product,
– The highest quality,
– Patented titanium coating,
– Compatible for a bong of water pipe,
– Easy, fast, durable and convienent in use ,
– Never buying rolling papers or blunt wraps again,
– No toxic and harmfull metals like the counterfeits!
– Ergonomic design, handy to carry, easy to fill and to smoke,
– Lab tests are conducted by Applied Technical Services, Inc. (USCPSC Authorized Lab).

Never buy a toxic counterfeit pipe!
It wil harm you because of the high concentration of lead content.

Nomination of 2018 Edison Awards™
7pipe is glad to be received Nomination of 2018 Edison Awards™, Edison Awards™ is an annual comperition honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design, and innovation.
05 DECEMBER, 2017

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