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↑ "'Muppet Movie' cigars weren't just props." The News and Observer (Raleigh NC). Retrieved from Tobaccodocuments.org ↑ Imagination Illustrated: The Jim Henson Journal , page 121 Notes ↑ Statler: "This show reminds me of a twenty-five cent cigar." Waldorf: "Oh, yeah? Why is that?" Statler: "Because it's cheap and it stinks!" ↑ Merriam-Webster defines "high" as meaning "filled with or expressing great joy or excitement" or "excited or stupefied by or as if by a drug." Given the Willie Nelson-like appearance of the hippie, the latter meaning is implied, suggesting the gentleman has recently smoked marijuana.

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Firefly Vaporizers: Reviewing All Vapes (Review, Price, Comparison) With marijuana now legalized for medicinal or recreational use in 33 states plus D.C., it is perhaps no surprise to learn that the vaporizer industry is set for a significant boom period. In fact, the market was already growing because of the increasing number of people making the sensible shift away from traditional tobacco cigarettes. The vaporizer and e-cigarette markets were worth around $9.5 billion in 2017, and this number is projected to grow far beyond these levels in the next decade – great news for brands like Firefly Vapes, who already have a decent foothold in the market. One report published in the Cision PR Newswire, for example, suggested the industry could be worth $61 billion by 2025! Other figures include price targets of $32 billion and $47 billion by 2025. Even if the lowest figure proves accurate, it is certainly a golden age for vaporizer manufacturers.

As such, there are dozens of firms producing vapes of drastically contrasting quality, and it is our goal to provide detailed information about the best and the worst in the industry. In this piece – our complete Firefly Vaporizer review – we take a look at some of the brand’s most popular products in an effort to see whether or not they’re up to snuff with some of the other top players in the industry like DaVinci and Pax . The Firefly vape company was founded by Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson in 2012. This might seem relatively recent, but in such a fledgling industry, they’ve actually been around for quite awhile! Neither Robinson nor Williams fit the archetypal ‘stoner’ stereotype, though. Williams was rising through the Apple ranks where he was designing Mac OS Software, whereas Robinson also had a promising tech career in Silicon Valley. Both men were health-conscious smokers who had experimented with various vaporizers, and saw real potential in the industry. According to Williams, while the duo admired the early inventors of vapes (referring to them as ‘pioneers’), he was of the impression that available models were more ‘scientific experiments’ than they were actual hi-tech devices (keep in mind that even to this day, Firefly Vapes are not ‘officially’ designed for weed users). As such, when these two “techy” minds came together, they attempted (and ultimately succeeded) in creating a dry herb vaporizer that nearly did for smoking what the iPhone did for music. It was very much a labor of love for Robinson and Williams, because both walked away from lucrative vocations to try their hand in the vaporizer market. By January 2011, the enterprising duohad been working on their project for two years, but were still not satisfied with the quality and safety of their creation. The butane wasn’t reliable enough, and according to Robinson, “you couldn’t just hand it to your grandmother.” Ultimately, they flushed their original plan down the toilet and started again. They elected to switch to an electrical power source (rather than butane), and focused on finding a top-grade heating coil with the goal being to ensure the air inside the chamber remained pure. The next step was to experiment with several metals that would be used for the inside chamber walls, but soon both men developed an allergy to the nickel/chromium alloy, which was the industry standard coil at the time. In a way, this was a stroke of good fortune because it forced them to try something new – a material that would end up changing the nature of the vape game! The testing phase for the “new” material was a long and drawn out affair. They ran their model for ten seconds and powered it off for five, repeating the process around 50,000 times. Eventually, they were satisfied with their creation and in 2011, they showed the prototype to Aaron LaCascio, who was one of the top distributors of vape products in the world. LaCascio was blown away by what he saw, and the OG Firefly Vaporizer was released at the end of 2013. The device was greeted with acclaim by the greater vaping world, and was actually deemed the best vaporizer on the market. Today, there are two models, aptly named the Firefly and the Firefly 2. The original Firefly vaporizer was available for sale in December 2013, at which point it cost a wallet-busting $269. Some would say that it was a small price to pay for a revolutionary device, but while the Firefly 1 was exceptional in many ways, it also had a few issues which only became solved in its second incarnation (which is now run on the specialized Firefly App). The original Firefly vape is a portable convection vaporizer which heats up your dry herb in approximately seven seconds. During our Firefly vaporizer review, the thing that grabbed our attention most was just how little it resembled a standard vape device. This makes total sense though, as if you recall Robinson and Williams hated the designs of old-school vaporizers, and wanted to create something sleek and sexy .

They ultimately succeeded though with the first of their Firefly models, which looks more like a mobile phone than a vaporizer.

Even though it is a portable device, it is extremely well-built and at 278 grams, is perhaps slightly heavier than the “industry average.” The reason for the extra heft is the addition of stainless steel heat sinks, which work to dissipate excess heat and allow the unit to stay cool during and immediately after a vaping session. There are a host of great accessories with the Firefly, including a travel bag which offers extra space for other items. You also get five replacement screens, five cleaning picks, a multi-sided brush, and several cleaning wipes. We love the bag because it allows you to carry your vape device in secret. Also, the brush’s design makes cleaning pretty damn easy.


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