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While chlorophyll is what gives weed and plants in general their green color, anthocyanin is what makes weed purple, and carotenoid is what will make weed yellow or gold. If your plant has the genetics which make it prone to anthocyanin accumulation, you can make it turn purple by dropping the temperatures in the growing environment down below 50 degrees Fahrenheit when the light is off. During flower you should be on a 12-12 cycle or something very close. Some plants will turn purple without such a drastic drop in temperatures, and like I said before, for some plants it just isn’t possible. You can also experiment with nutrients from your local hydroponic supply store.

They may have something that can turn any weed purple, but we have not had the time to test all of these products. In the end, you need to realize that turning your weed purple won’t make it any better. The reason that most purple bud is so good is because the people who have been growing pot long enough to master the trick of turning bud purple don’t want to mess around growing anything but the dankest of headies. On the other hand, you may have smoked purple bud which was not very good at all. Some strains will turn purple no matter what you do to them, and an inexperienced grower could have grown some Mexican brick weed quality ganja which just happens to be purple. If you choose to try your luck at turning your plants purple, just remember several things. First, look for the purpling to occur about two weeks before you plan to harvest. This could be anywhere from about 7 to 10 weeks into the flowering stage of growth. And, with this in mind, don’t do the temperature drop at night until the plant is in flowering, even up to 3 to 4 weeks after. Your plant will turn purple before you intend it to, which is one of the plants signs that it is being stressed.

The cold temperatures are stressful on your plant, and as a result will likely result in a slightly smaller yield of slightly smaller quality than if you hadn’t dropped the temperature every night. If you’ve read this far into the article, you’re probably very adamant about turning your weed purple, and nothing I say will convince you otherwise. Follow our directions and if the cards are in your favor you will get purple weed. Remember, it is partially controlled by genetics so don’t give up if you don’t succeed on your first try. And, when you harvest your plants, feel free to send us a sample. Spotlight Colored plastic sheets or colored plastic wrap. While adding food coloring or other dye to dry ice or a commercial fog machine may be tempting, it's more likely to ruin your fog machine than to color the fog. The particles of coloring are too large to be dispersed into the fog, so no matter how much dye you add, the fog will still roll out white or clear. The only way to really make a colored fog solution is by lighting the fog with colored lights. The fog then reflects that light, appearing to take on the same color itself. This includes positioning a fan to blow the fog in the desired direction. Place your movable spotlight so that its beam intersects with the flow of the fog. If you need to color a long stretch of blowing or moving fog, you may need more than one spotlight to cover all of it. Cover the aperture of the spotlight with a sheet of colored plastic in the same color you'd like the fog to be. You can use heavy plastic like sheet dividers or transparency sheets and tape it in place around the edges with duct tape, or you can also affix colored plastic wrap across the front of the spotlight. Shine the spotlight on the fog and adjust it, if necessary, to make sure the beam of light is hitting the fog. Watch the spotlight carefully for signs that it is melting the colored plastic covering. You might need to replace the plastic occasionally. The chemicals from commercial fog machines may be hazardous in enclosed spaces. Similarly, the carbon dioxide produced by melting dry ice in a homemade fog machine may present problems in enclosed areas. Make sure that your working or performance area is well ventilated. Watch crew members carefully for faintness or other signs of distress. johnch18 commented Apr 2, 2020 • Use the search function before reporting to see if the issue has been reported before. Pack Version: Pack Mode: Singleplayer, Multiplayer, or LAN?: 3.2.55 Kappa Singleplayer.

Steps to reproduce: Place lava bucket inside lava infuser Place obsidian inside lava infuser https://imgur.com/a/DrgkCBJ. Crash log (use pastebin or issue will be closed): [Feedback/Suggestion] Lava Infuser Recipe Configuration #168. Boolyman commented Aug 29, 2017 • I am really loving the new additions to Armor Plus in 1.12+ Especially the Lava Infuser. I am just a bit disappointed that such an awesome machine is only really used for one thing. I would love to make this machine a bit more incorporated into my upcoming pack. Would it be too troublesome for you to include a way to for modpack devs to add recipes to the Lava Infuser via the config file. Something like: ore:logWood, 50mb, minecraft:charcoal 2, This would create a recipe that allows you to put logs into the lava infuser, and it will infuse 50mb of lava from the internal tank into the log, to create 2 pieces of charcoal. Thanks for any consideration you might give this idea! It heats quickly, operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has three temperature zones. Furthermore, it automatically shuts off when not in use.

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