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Ive never been paranoid or had hints of a bad trip on psychadelics but I get bugged out on weed probably 1 out of the 3 times I smoke. Ive never smoked on the come up but I love smoking about 3 or 4 hours into a trip to bring me back up. It probably depends a lot on your company too, Im very selective about who I trip with for that reason.

Ive met people for the first time whil Im high and it just makes for an uncomfortable situation where I get paranoid that I’m being awkward and just make it worse. Hope this helps and Im always a little bummed to hear about a bad trip but you learn from them nonetheless. -Happy tripping- Its possible it was the strength of the mushrooms along with the weed that made you trip so hard, so fast. Ive had some mushies that took only about 10 minutes to kick in. Its also possible that because it hit you so fast, that triggered a negative feeling that you just couldn’t shake. I agree with Human Areing that it could have also been the company you were with, if there was anyone there. I’m very picky about who I smoke and trip with as well, but only because they both hit me hard and I tend to get paranoid quickly, which is why I don’t really do it anymore. But if you start feeling like the trip is going in the wrong direction, just remember that you took whatever the drug is willingly and that everything will be okay. :) @deelsian, I’ve always known THC to have zero to little affect when associated with psilocybin It’s affects outweigh the THC :o!

@deelsian, ye i think it has something to do with the weed, i experienced the same thing a while ago … i only smoke when i come down now :) @andropar, Yeah I should probably stop smoking on the come up. I LOVE weed, but I don’t enjoy smoking with any psych. It just fogs the head when all I really wanna do is understand. @deelsian, weed boosts trip so it can become to intense to fast. When I did shrooms, I also smoked and when I came down from being stoned the trip set in and set in too quickly. And the second you don’t want to be tripping anymore is when you have a bad trip. What You Need to Know About Smoking Weed While Tripping. Your “set and setting” are perfect and you’re with your closest friends. But when someone passes you a joint while tripping, do you accept? Smoking weed when you’re in the midst of a psychedelic experience is common, whether you’re on mushrooms, LSD, MDMA, or another hallucinogenic substance. But just because people do it, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s risk-free. Like with all things psychedelic, the main concern is for users’ mental and spiritual well-being because cannabis can have an unpredictably strong effect when mixed with psychedelics, according to Tripsit.me. How to Grow Mushrooms 101 - DoubleBlind Online Course. Learn how to grow mushrooms at-home through our online course complete with 7 video episodes, a mushroom legality guide, support from the DoubleBlind mycology experts, and more! We took a deep dive into the world of mixing weed with mushrooms, LSD and MDMA to see what the range of effects looks like, why people do it, and the potential risks and benefits, to help you make the most informed decision possible. Mixing cannabis and psilocybin-containing mushrooms is one of the most popular poly-drug combinations among psychedelic users. While reporting this piece, I surveyed nearly 90 people who mix weed and psychedelics, and just under half reported using mushrooms and weed together. People had all sorts of reasons for consuming cannabis while they were on shrooms, many similar to why they use cannabis in general, like to relax and to combat the nausea that can sometimes be a part of a mushroom experience. Another reason they mix the two is to increase the psychedelic effects of psilocybin, especially the visual effects when their eyes are open or closed. Nikola Djordjevic, Medical Advisor at Loud Cloud Health about this, and he confirms that many peoples’ senses are enhanced when they combine cannabis with psilocybin. “This may manifest itself in the person experiencing more intense audio and visual hallucinations,” Djordjevic says. Yet, it can be a double-edged sword, as both my survey participants and Djordjevic confirms. “One risk would be that the experience is too strong, especially for beginners dabbling in psychedelics.

The strong visuals produced by using cannabis and psilocybin together may be exciting for some and terrifying for others.” “The strong visuals from using cannabis and psilocybin together may be exciting for some and terrifying for others” That’s been my experience, too. When I’ve smoked weed while on shrooms, the trip has become a bit weirder or “trippier,” for lack of a better word. I hypothesized that perhaps regular cannabis consuming psychonauts would be able to handle the mix, and those new to either substance should probably just stick to one to avoid getting overwhelmed and making their trip more challenging than it has to be. While many of my survey participants agreed with me (nearly all of whom were regular cannabis consumers), it wasn’t that clear cut.

Even daily cannabis consumers who use psychedelics occasionally told me they stopped mixing the two because they’ve experienced increased anxiety, especially smoking weed on the come-up of a psychedelic experience.


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