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Getting one of today’s best CBD subscription boxes delivered regularly means you’ll always be well equipped with a product that may help manage what ails you. The boxes are often presented in various sizes, presenting you with the ability to choose just how much you need or want on a monthly basis. Trying out standalone CBD products can end up costing you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

When you subscribe to a box, you’ll get a handful (or more) of some of the leading tinctures, gummies, vapes, and other top products for the price you’d pay for about one of those on its own. Knowing what you’re going to use it for will guide your purchase-making decision. Will you like the ease of gummies, or find that oil works better for you? Any of the questions you have about the best CBD product to use can be answered if you try out a few. Some boxes will personalize your box, taking into account the needs you shared that you’d like to focus on improving. Before you make the investment, take a moment to read through our guide of the 5 best CBD subscription boxes so you can make the best decision for you and start feeling better in, ideally, 3-5 business days. Our #1 pick for the best CBD subscription box is Hemp Crate Co. If you’ve never had a subscription box, CBD, or either, Hemp Crate Co.

In fact, almost everyone can find the Hemp Crate Co. The amount of CBD in the box can be chosen based on your needs or your experience. The Starter box will contain 4-6 premium CBD products, while the the Pro versions of these packs have 5-8 premium CBD products with higher mg overall. To help further customize the type of products you receive, Hemp Crate Co. offers two different themes: Hempa the Explorer and Health & Wellness. There’s even a Furry Friends version to give you the best in CBD pet products. Best for: Personalizing your deliveries based on your lifestyle and preferences. It’s nice to have options if you’re going to automatically charge a delivery to your bank or credit card account every month. works with you so you can hone in on exactly what you want from a CBD box. They have boxes cleverly named and devoted to four different areas where you can use CBD: Relief, Beauty, Sleep, or Mood. Some of the industry’s top brands, like CBDfx, Elixinol, and Lazarus Naturals, are likely to turn up in your box. The price for these subscription boxes is a little steeper than other boxes, but there are ways to save. Getting one box will run $90 (the Eucalyptus an extra $30), but choosing to auto-deliver monthly will only cost you $75. To continue getting a personalized box, you start by filling out a questionnaire so they know what you’re most interested in. Once you try it, you can give feedback on each project. Ideally, within a few months, they’ll understand your needs and likes well enough to give you a box of 4+ items that consistently hit the mark for your CBD needs. Responding to your feedback to personalize your deliveries earns Herb Box Co. their high ranking among the best CBD subscription boxes. Best for: Trying CBD objectively for your health needs. You can count on Gramsly to provide what’s tried and true, as well as the best of what’s new on the CBD market. Every month, they bring 3-4 products to your door that range from everyday classics to experimental new releases. Gramsly covers three categories in their monthly box: something you can use every day, something you can rub on your skin, and something that’s brand new for you to try.

In addition to keeping it relatively classic, the Gramsly box is one of the most affordable there is, at just $55. You could easily spend that on a single purchase of CBD capsules or gummies, but with this box you’ll get 3 products for the price of one. The downside to opting for this box is that it’s a popular club to join. Arrive late to the party and you’ll have to be added to a waitlist until they re-open up the opportunity to newcomers. That being said, it’s definitely one of the best CBD subscription boxes you can get, even if you have to wait for it! Best for: An affordable monthly subscription for trying new products while still feeding your CBD needs.

Created by girls, and suitable for everyone, the Green Girl CBD subscription box is the ultimate in classic products. Unlike other boxes that include products from different brands, Green Girl delivers their personally formulated products in their monthly box. Choose the $60 Simple Start to get the trinity of best-selling products: oil, gummies, and lip balm.


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