2 pipe hookah

2 pipe hookah

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Hookah for 2 hoses: advantages and disadvantages

In addition to the authentic look of the models, this hookah has gained popularity because of the ability to immediately enjoy the smoke of several people. Earlier, a hookah was considered an individual thing, and a person smoked only from his pipe. It was not accepted to transfer the hose, so either several hookahs were scored at once, or 2-hose models were used.

With the advent of mouthpieces, this need simply disappeared. In addition, it is customary to smoke a hookah with friends and close associates whom you can trust, so even without individual mouthpieces they started using models with one pipe for the company. But have you noticed that there are no models in hookah schools equipped with two hoses at once? Why? We will discuss this later.

Features hookah for 2 tubes

Almost any model of a hookah can be rebuilt for 2 hoses. There are 2 openings in the mine: one is for the tube, the other is a valve, which makes it possible to let out excess smoke and cool the cup when it overheats. In place of this valve, you can put a special adapter under the second tube. But the problem is that you simply won’t be able to enjoy such a hookah.

The more hoses – the more the tobacco heats up. This is due to increased traction. In addition, if the hookah model itself is small, then tobacco will certainly burn from such loads. But it is almost impossible to cool the cup due to the lack of a valve. The thrust will also be bad, but at the same time pulling from two tubes simply will not work. As a result, you are guaranteed burnt tobacco, a small amount of smoke and a headache.

To prevent this, it is worth using only special devices designed for 2 hoses. Their feature is that in addition to two ports for tubes there is a valve, as well as valves integrated into the adapters for the hose. This is necessary in order to maintain good cravings during smoking. Otherwise, the second person will have to close the phone with his finger so that there is good traction. When choosing a hookah for 2 hoses or more, pay attention to the presence of valves. If they are absent, it will be much more difficult to smoke.

Advantages of a hookah for 2 tubes

Similar models have their own characteristics and advantages. Here are the main ones:

– A hookah for 2 hoses looks authentic, which is a lot of importance for connoisseurs of hookah culture and admirers of traditions. Some users consciously refuse modern models, preferring such devices.

– In a large company, you don’t have to transfer the phone in a circle. Sometimes it crashes, gets confused, or even twists the hookah so that the device just falls off. Some comfort will be provided.

– Being in the company of a stranger, you can enjoy thick smoke from the actual hose, while not depriving the interlocutor of this opportunity. It was for this purpose that similar models were originally created.

– The line is significantly reduced. Everyone knows that in a company it is sometimes extremely difficult to wait for the phone. Having a second hose will eliminate this problem.

– Modern models have a separate valve for blowing, powerful traction, made of quality materials. Therefore, the device can often be used and enjoy dense smoke.

These advantages of a 2-pipe hookah allow manufacturers to continue to create similar models. Modern companies prefer to make hybrids that are easy to reconfigure, and install at least one hose, at least 4.

The disadvantages of a hookah for 2 hoses

If such models have good advantages, why aren’t hookah models using such devices? Indeed, large companies often come to establishments, but they are not brought models with several hoses. It’s all about the shortcomings that do not allow the use of devices with several hoses in institutions:

The main drawback is the inability to pull simultaneously from two hoses. There will be no thrust, so no one will get pleasure. To achieve the result, you still have to pull in turn.

If the model is equipped with a valve – well, but not all of them have it. Therefore, alone to smoke such a hookah will not work. In the company, the second tube holder will have to close the hole with your finger all the time to create traction.

Inability to purge a hookah if the cup overheats. If there is no separate valve, then it is impossible to cool the bowl in this way. You have to remove the coals, blow it from above, and this is longer, harder, more uncomfortable.

If the flask is not the right size, the taste of tobacco will be ruined. As we have already said, it heats up much faster, respectively, the consumption of coal, tobacco will be increased. In this case, the taste will not be as bright. For establishments, this is unprofitable, and you just don’t feel like translating tobacco at home.

When you try to drag on at the same time, not only there will be no smoke, but also very quickly burn tobacco. It is worth trying 2-4 times, and you can re-cup.

The smoke heats up much faster.

Unfortunately, there are enough shortcomings in such models, so many refuse to use such hookahs. But manufacturers adjust to the flow, and create hybrids that make it easy to change the number of hoses.

Popular models of hookahs for 2 hoses

Today, a large number of hookahs are being created from different manufacturers, and everyone is trying to surprise. Here are the most popular models that fit under 2 hoses:

  1. Temple 45. Glass hookah, in which, instead of the valve, you can install a second hose. The connector and handset are not sold in the kit, and users will have to purchase them separately.
  2. AMY Deluxe SS A quality hookah that can be used immediately under 4 hoses. Of course, it is recommended to use no more than 2, and use the rest of the valves to remove hot air and smoke.
  3. AMY Deluxe Amir’s A stylish hookah with a click system. It is originally designed for one tube, but has adapters under 4. Sometimes they come in the kit, sometimes they are sold separately, depending on the store. On our website you can buy a hookah for 2 hoses in any assembly. It is optimal to use the model for 2 tubes.
  4. AMY Deluxe Budget model from a popular manufacturer, initially only 1 tube included, but it is possible to install a second hose. For this, it is separately worth buying a connector and a handset. At the same time, a purge valve remains, thanks to the valves in the pipes you can smoke even alone.

In our store there are a large number of models suitable for 2 hoses. Among them, there are also classic ones that are initially designed for 2 tubes. Choose a suitable option for yourself and place an order.

How to smoke a hookah for 2 pipes

Using this device is quite simple, here are the main recommendations:

– Put the tobacco in the cup and put the coals. Let it warm up well.

– Next, from one hose you need to start lighting up, if the tobacco has warmed well, the smoke will go after a couple of rods.

– If the model is equipped with valves, then smoking problems will not arise. If there are no safety valves, the second person must close the hole in the hose with his finger to create traction.

“You shouldn’t pull the smoke at the same time, you will only burn the tobacco.”

– Enjoy the smoke slowly, do not forget to drink soft drinks, tea, eat fruit. Spend time talking with friends and enjoy every moment.

Conclusion about hookahs with two hoses

A hookah for 2 pipes looks authentic, interesting, but it is not too practical. Even in a large company, smoking at the same time will not work. At the same time transferring the tube will be much easier. These models are not suitable for establishments, but at home they look good. However, if the models do not have a valve, then difficulties will arise when smoking.

Our conclusion is this: if you take a hookah for 2 tubes, then it is mandatory with valves. If the model is not equipped, purchase them separately. Ideally, a hybrid in which the number of hoses can be changed is suitable. In our store there are a large number of models, pick up for yourself and enjoy the smoke.

Manufacturers of tobacco products provide customers with a large assortment of tobacco for hookah. The culture is developing so fast that new brands regularly appear today. Sometimes it’s difficult to even decide which tobacco to choose to smoke a hookah. As a rule, most users choose one or two brands and use only them. But we decided to help you with the choice and tell you which tobacco is worth a try.

Smoking in the winter is especially pleasant. It creates an atmosphere of warmth and homeliness. The main thing is to choose the right tobacco so as not to get sick and not spoil the evening. In this article we will tell you how to cook a hookah in the winter, and what recipes for a warming hookah can be used to get the most out of it.

Autumn is the time when many people become depressed. This is not surprising, because it covers nostalgia for the past summer, and vitamin D is becoming less and less. Hookah is a great way to cheer up. In this article we have collected interesting hookah recipes for rainy autumn. Such smoke will help to cheer you up and have a great time.

A hookah is a rather simple device, one might even say, primitive in its design. That is why in the East there are many craftsmen who make them manually without resorting to modern technology. Modern models of hookahs are much more complicated, but their design is still quite simple. So is it possible in this case to make a hookah yourself? Sure. Is it worth it? Let’s figure out how to make a hookah on your own at home, and why this is not necessary.

Hookah is a great business. It pays off pretty quickly, so many entrepreneurs are trying to open such an institution. Despite the fact that today there are a large number of establishments where hookahs are provided, as a separate service, there are not so many real hookahs. In this article we will analyze what are the features of the hookah and how to open such an institution in Russia.

There is an opinion that at home it is very difficult to prepare a delicious hookah if it is not possible. In fact, there are recommendations that allow you to independently prepare a delicious hookah at home. These secrets are used by professional hookah workers in elite establishments. At the same time, they are simple, take notes and prepare a delicious hookah.

Imagine that you wanted to smoke a hookah, gathered in the company of friends, but broke a flask or cup during washing. Often, for many, the evening is immediately ruined, but do not despair, because you can fix the hookah on your own. Of course, certain conditions are needed, but still it is possible. Let’s figure out how to repair a hookah at home.

Smoking a hookah is often accompanied by a fun company serving drinks. We have repeatedly said that drinks should be non-alcoholic, since alcohol is poorly compatible with hookah. But still, if you have a desire to drink alcohol, then you need to do it right. In this article we will tell you what alcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktails can be served with hookah.

Many people love hookah for thick puffs of smoke. But you probably noticed that after a while the amount of smoke decreases significantly. Sometimes this happens at the very beginning of smoking, but I want to enjoy not only the taste, but also get clubs. Of course, you can put more coal, but then the tobacco will start to bitter. Let’s figure out how to make a smoky hookah so that it does not get bitter.

It would not be desirable to keep silent about this, but the hookah affects human health. It cannot be said that it is completely harmless and leaves no residue. Anyway, the body receives a certain amount of nicotine, carbon dioxide and other products. However, there are ways to cleanse the lungs after smoking a hookah. Then health will be on top. Let’s see how to clear the lungs after smoking a hookah.

Hookah implies close interaction between people. In the East, it is not customary to smoke hookah in the company. If you order it in Egypt, they will bring you one tube and one mouthpiece. If you begin to transfer it to a friend or loved one – I do not understand you. However, in our culture of hookah smoking is customary to enjoy hookah in the company. Therefore, hygiene rules have been invented that allow you to take care of both the device itself and ensure safe smoking of hookah in the company. Let’s look at these recommendations.

For many, a hookah is entertainment in itself. You can sit and think under the thick smoke about the eternal, immerse yourself in your thoughts. But when you smoke a hookah in the company, it is not customary to sit silently. In this case, you need entertainment. Unfortunately, people do not always know what to do while smoking a hookah, and in this article we will offer some interesting options.

Board games are one of the best entertainment that combines with the hookah smoking process. The company is in a passionate state, everyone is spending time actively and interestingly, and most importantly, they are enjoying dense smoke. And your turn will not have to wait long, because under the games time flies quickly. In this article we will tell you what board games to play under the hookah.

Some people relate to hookah as an entertainment that can be used anywhere and anytime. But hookah smoking has its own traditions, its own culture and certain rules. The latter are associated mainly with health, so it is important to observe them. Baths and saunas often offer visitors a hookah, but is it possible to smoke a hookah in a bath? And if so, how to do it right? Let’s look at this issue in more detail.

Summer is a great time to enjoy a light thick smoke. You can smoke a hookah not only at home, but also in nature, or simply in the open air. In addition, there are a number of recipes to make a fragrant light summer hookah. In this article we will tell you how to cook a hookah in the summer in order to enjoy its aroma as much as possible.

When you smoke a hookah in an institution, a powerful range hood probably works there. In addition, such rooms are designed for smoking, so no one has questions or comments about the amount of smoke. But when you decide to smoke a hookah with friends, after an hour of smoking in the room, the adjacent wall may not be visible due to a lot of smoke. Therefore, the question arises: how to remove smoke and get rid of the smell of hookah in the apartment after smoking. This article will help to understand this issue.

Pregnancy is a special period for every woman. She should take care not only of her own health, but also of the baby’s well-being. But if a woman smoked a hookah, a special habit must have developed, one might even say attraction. But during pregnancy, it is strictly forbidden to smoke. Or is it possible? Let’s see if it is possible to smoke hookah during pregnancy, and whether it is possible to inhale hookah smoke.

The hookah culture has deep roots. Even in ancient times, the eastern sheikhs and emperors enjoyed a hookah, conducting important and not very conversations. Today, hookah has become an entertainment accessible to everyone. However, even today there is a modern etiquette of smoking a hookah. Let’s look at what you can do while smoking a hookah, and what is not recommended.

In the hookah industry, coconut coal is considered one of the best. It is made of natural material, holds heat for a long time, evenly warms the bowl and is convenient to use. In addition, it is relatively cheap to manufacture, and has no extraneous taste. Therefore, connoisseurs of hookah traditions consider coconut charcoal the best. But how is it produced and what are its features? Is coconut charcoal the best for hookah? We will answer these questions in this article.

Manufacturers create a large number of tobaccos with different tastes, even provide ready-made mixes for connoisseurs of dense smoke. But everyone at least once tried to mix several tobaccos to get a special taste. Most hookah users prefer to make mixes, and in this article we will talk about the rules of taste and combination of aromas, as well as show interesting and unusual recipes for mixing tobacco.

The hookah on tea has a very interesting taste. It is suitable for those who have already tried a lot of tobaccos and want to feel new emotions. This is an unusual cocktail that will make it possible to enjoy a specific taste. Do you like unusual aromas? Be sure to try to make a hookah on tea, and we will tell you how to do it.

Entering a hookah shop, or opening a window of an electronic online store, any visitor will find that there are hookahs that cost about 1000 rubles, and there are models whose price is 30000 and more expensive. So what is the difference? Why pay more if you can take an inexpensive hookah and get the same smoke, Like from expensive? Let’s look at the difference between hookahs.

Hookah culture has burst into our lives rapidly, and is still developing. But, unfortunately, few know how long you can smoke a hookah. But this is an important issue that relates to human health. We will tell you how long you can smoke a hookah, and what this duration depends on.

A cup for tobacco is an important device. It is from this part of the device that a certain magical creation of aromatic smoke begins. The whole process depends on its quality. Today, manufacturers offer users a large number of models to choose from, they all differ in shape, material and other criteria. Let’s analyze the main types of cups, how they differ from each other and how to choose the right option for yourself.

Headache when smoking hookah occurs quite often. This does not mean the strong harm of the hookah, although many opponents primarily refer to poor health. It only says that you are smoking a hookah incorrectly. Let’s see why a headache occurs, how to prevent its occurrence and how to get rid of in case of occurrence.

When you go on vacation, I want to bring along some souvenirs or memorabilia. Hookah is one of such souvenirs, which is often brought from Turkey, Egypt, the UAE. But is it possible to bring hookah to these countries, and are there countries where it is forbidden to export hookah? Let’s look at this problem.

A cup for tobacco is one of the important elements of a hookah. Tobacco itself is clogged into it, coals are placed, and thick smoke is formed. But it happens that the tobacco seems to be good, and the coals are of high quality, but the taste is still not pleasant. Or a little smoke. All this may indicate that it is time to change the cup for a hookah. We will tell you exactly when to do this.

Have you ever had such a thing that you hammer tobacco into a good hookah, start smoking, but something is not right? A strange finish, little smoke, tobacco does not open brightly. All of this may indicate a bad handset. Even modern silicone hoses that can be washed with water and clean have their own shelf life. We will tell you when it is time to change the hookah hose, and how to do it right.

The culture of hookah smoking originated many centuries ago. The technologies for preparing modern hookah are significantly different from traditional ones, and even today in the East they do not use foil and additional devices for heating tobacco. But modern devices have made it easier for ordinary users to make a hookah. Recently, many accessories have appeared that allow you to quickly hammer a hookah, put coals and enjoy the smoke. Let’s see what to put coal on and how to choose the best option.

Imagine a situation: you put fragrant tobacco in a cup, set the coals to warm up, time passed. You pick up the phone, start pulling and . the smoke is very bitter, it hits your throat. Or such a situation: you smoke, enjoy the aroma of smoke, but in the next breath the smoke instantly became heavier, it became nasty, and even black. Why is this happening? Because the tobacco lights up. Let’s see why tobacco burns in a hookah and how to get rid of it.

You can have a very high-quality hookah, but at one point the taste can get worse. The smoke will be less saturated, and the taste of tobacco will not be revealed brightly. Will you really have to buy a new hookah? In fact, there are simple tips that can improve the quality of hookah smoking. We will analyze them.

Hookah tobacco is different from regular cigarette dry tobacco. It is impregnated with syrup, contains flavorings in the composition, and during smoking it does not burn, but smolders. Due to its properties, it requires special storage conditions. You can’t just take it, open the tobacco, use a small amount and put it back in the pack for an indefinite time. In this case, he will quickly lose his taste and properties. We will tell you how to store tobacco for hookah.

Hookah smoke contains a large amount of glycerin. If it enters the body, it causes thirst, therefore, while smoking, the hookah is thirsty. In addition, you need to drink to maintain balance. Then you will feel better, there will be no headache, dizziness or nausea. But not everyone knows what drinks to serve with a hookah. Let’s look at what you can drink while smoking a hookah.

Hookah allows you to have fun with friends in conversation, games. But there is one important rule: smoking a hookah on an empty stomach is not allowed. In addition, when guests come to you, I want to put refreshments on the table. But how will they be combined with a hookah, and is it possible to eat everything with a hookah? Let’s look at what food to serve while smoking a hookah.

Hookah has become popular recently and does not intend to lose its position. Almost everyone in the city knows what it is, and most people at least once saw someone smoking, or tried it on their own. The smoke is pleasant, intense, a little relaxing. But in some situations it is better to refrain from smoking, and sometimes it is not worth smoking at all. Let’s see who is better to refrain from smoking a hookah, and who is denied thick smoke.

Hookah for 2 hoses: advantages and disadvantages