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As smokers, we naturally form a strong bond with our treasured pieces. At Toker Supply, our online headshop understands that favoring a particular piece is part of being an avid smoker. So, breaking part of your favorite piece can be devastating. Why throw the entire glass water pipe or dab rig away, when replacing a part is cheaper, and lets you keep your piece?

Spare Glass Bowls

When your bong’s glass bowl breaks, it may seem like it’s time to purchase a new piece. And, while buying a new bong is certainly an option, you can also replace this part with a new bowl. Using a new glass bowl for your piece is simple! Simply remove the old piece and place the new piece inside the downstem, and insert the new one.

Spare glass bowls can also be useful even without a broken bowl. Purchasing a larger glass bowl for your bong is a great choice for group smoking sessions with many participants. Small glass bowls, on the other hand, are ideal for solo smoking sessions. Having several glass bowls is ideal for regular smokers.

We have a wide variety of glass bowls, with many sizes and colors to choose from!


When your bong’s downstem breaks, it’s important to find a durable replacement piece. Our downstems are constructed with sturdy glass, and are built to last.

Downstems are one of the most important parts of a bong. This piece connects the bowl, which contains the dry herb, with the tube or body of the bong. When the bong water is at an optimal level, the downstem will submerged in water. Downstems come in various sizes, so be sure to purchase the proper one for your piece!

Glass Dome

To get the most out of your wax and dab rig, you need a high-quality glass dome. Without a glass dome for your dab rig, the smoke could dissipate altogether.

The first step of the dabbing process is to heat the nail with a torch, until it becomes visibly hot. Then, smokers place the glass dome over the dab nail. This step keeps the temperature at a manageable level, without treading into dangerous territory. THen, smokers use the dabber to apply the concentrate inside the nail. The glass dome plays a major part in guiding the smoke to the end of the joint. A worn or broken glass dome will allow the smoke to escape, wasting your precious concentrates.

Dab Rig & Bong Dropdowns

By design, all bongs and dab rigs have joints that are a certain size. The most common sizes are 10, 14, and 18 mm. The same sizes are used for accessories, including ash catchers, bowls, and more. Keeping these sizes consistent ensures that new parts are compatible with these pieces, and also maximizes the flow of the smoke. Dab rig and bong dropdowns are a way for smokers to convert the piece to a different size. For example, a drop down could convert a 10 mm joint to 14 mm, allowing smokers to use a larger bowl. The dropdown can also convert dab rigs and bongs to a different “gender”.

Dropdowns also minimize the heat stress caused during the dabbing process, especially with the high potential for stress when using a torch.

Glass Adapter

Like dropdowns, glass adapters are compatible with glass pipes and water pipes.

When a particular bowl, dropdown, or other glass accessory is incompatible with your piece, the glass adapter will bridge the gap. This piece fits into the bowl of the piece, allowing the smoker to attach the other accessory or bowl to it, even if the sizes are different. Glass adapters also give smokers an easy way to convert to use male bowls on male pipes.

Ash Catcher

While smoking a glass water pipe, there is a high chance that debris could land in the chamber of the piece.

Ash catchers eliminate the constant need to clean a dirty bong by keeping the bong clean. The ash catcher prevents ash, resin, and other debris from entering the bong. Ash catchers also contain percolators, which provide additional filtration for smokers.


Before purchasing an accessory for your glass piece, there are a few considerations to make. Be sure that you take note of these factors before making a purchase.

  • Joint size
  • Male/female
  • Style
We carry an extensive supply of spare bong and dab rig parts for pieces with broken parts, or those looking for an update.

Our Online Smoke Shop offers a wide variety of bong accessories, bong parts, water pipe attachments and glass pipe accessories to fix or upgrade your pipe!


Glass on glass adapters might be the wisest investment a glass connoisseur can make. They can be incredibly handy if you have a specific domeless nail setup that you are trying to use with a rig whose joint size does not match. With a glass on glass adapter from The Dab Lab, you can convert a male joint to a female joint, or vice versa. Additionally you can use glass on glass adapters to make the joint sizes larger or smaller. Want to use a 14mm domeless nail on your 10mm Female rig? We have an adapter for that.

They are also way more affordable than the rigs you are attaching them to. So using them as a spacer between your domeless nail and the joint on your rig is just a smart move. We can tell you plenty of stories about times when an affordable $15 adapter saved a super heady multi-thousand dollar rig from having its joint broken beyond repair. Unfortunately, we can tell you plenty more about times when someone used a new titanium domeless nail directly on the joint of an expensive custom-worked piece of glass, only to discover that the nail had fused itself to the joint over time, making cleaning the rig or replacing the nail nearly impossible. Besides standard glass on glass adapters, we also offer useful dropdowns, reclaim catchers, and even a mouthpiece adapter that converts your favorite ash catcher into a functional bubbler!

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