14.5 mm downstem

The Storz & Bickel Mighty is one of our favorite vaporizers overall, and the cooling unit up top plays a big role. It may not look like much, but the series of fins packed inside lets you take big, hefty rips off the Mighty without worrying about coughing or sputtering. It’s also extremely easy to use, which makes it a great vape for sharing with friends.

Looking for a vaporizer that produces big, chunky clouds of vapor? These picks eschew delicate flavors and tiny ovens in favor of visible vapor, and lots of it. They may not provide the smoothest hit, but you’ll definitely notice their potent effects and impressive clouds. Our pick Storz & Bickel Mighty - Big vape = big clouds. When it comes to clouds, there are few portable vaporizers that can compete with the Mighty’s prowess. Even though it doesn’t have the largest oven, its powerful, well tuned heater produces thick, luscious hits at any draw speed. Plus, it’s sizable cooling unit means you can hit it hard, and at high temperatures, without having to worry about coughing.

And of course, when you need it to, the Mighty is a great vape for passing around or taking on a long weekend. Everyone will appreciate the ease of use, and of course, its potent effects, even at lower temperatures. When you need it to, the on-board digital controls let you bump up the heat to get the party going. The Planet of the Vapes ONE, despite its small size, is capable of pumping out a surprising amount of vapor. Particularly when paired up with the water pipe adapter or mini bubbler, you can take down an entire oven in short order. Turn the heat up, and you’ll definitely see the results, without the coughing. While there are certainly vapes that let you sit down for a full session, vaporizers built for quick hits of small amounts of herb are becoming increasingly popular. Our picks let you dial in exactly how much you want, in individual hits, without the need to sit down and wait for it to heat up. That’s a valuable asset if you don’t need to have a whole oven to yourself. If you just want a quick hit, the unique DynaVap vaporizers could be just the trick. You heat one end for around ten seconds, then take a pull off the other end. You can pull slowly for just a little vapor while you’re busy, or take a big draw when you’re trying to relax. The closer to the tip you point the lighter, the cooler the vapor, so you can dial in the experience both while heating, and while drawing. All VapCap vaporizers work with just a small amount of herb, in some cases in an adjustable oven so you can dial in the perfect hit size for you. Plus, the cleverly-designed DynaCoil (available seperately) can help you get set up with concentrates and other stickier substances, without having to change any of your existing habits. Another way to microdose, instead of using tiny bowls, is to use a vaporizer that lets you take a hit and come back later, without cooking the herbs between hits. The Firefly 2+ is perfect for that one-hitter style of vaporizing. With instant, on-demand heating, it lets you pack up to 0.15 grams of dry herbs, and take eight to ten hits at your own pace, even if it takes days! There are seven on-board temperature controls, with more options via the smartphone app. Hold the buttons down, and within seconds you’ll have your perfect hit ready to go. Take as long as you want to finish the bowl, or chain your hits together for a supremely tasty session.

These vapes will help you and your friends take down considerable amounts of herb in short order. Our picks have big ovens, so you don’t have to stop the session every few minutes to reload, and powerful heaters that make sure everyone gets in on the fun. Both the Boundless CF and CFX have massive ovens that can hold up to 0.35 grams, the most of any portable vaporizer we sell. Pair that up with Boundless’ penchant for big clouds and hefty rips, and either vape would be happy to entertain an entire party. They’re easy to pass around and share too, which is perfect, since you’ll likely need some help. The Boundless vaporizers tend to lean towards big clouds and slightly higher temperatures, which is also perfect if you’re trying to really settle in for a big session. The difference between the two vaporizers mostly comes down to size and feature set, with the CFX adding in full digital temperature controls and fast charging.

Otherwise, you’ll see similarly chunky clouds and deep ovens on both sides. It may look sleek and gentle, but the PAX 3 vaporizer packs a serious punch with the temperature turned up, and you’d be surprised at how fast you and some friends can chew through its sizable oven. It’s a bit more delicate with your flavors than the Boundless options, but can be picky about how you prepare it, while still being easy enough to pass around. In general, we find that vaporizers that try to work with both concentrates and herbs typically do one well, but not the other.


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