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Press power button 5 times quickly to turn the device on and off. Unscrew the mouthpiece part and load a small amount of material (waxy concentrate) into the atomizer Screw mouthpiece back on top of the atomizer Inhale while holding the power button. Pressing the on/off button 3 times will toggle between temperature settings. Please keep the following in mind: Do not heat the atomizer without any vape material (dry fire) Do not soak an atomizer when cleaning Preferably clean the atomizer with a cotton tip Do not apply pressure when cleaning especially on the inside plate. Decent battery (1) Great taste (1) Small size (1) Easy to clean (1) Atomizer airpath can get clogged up (1) Weak mouthpiece (1) Decent battery Easy to clean Great taste Small size.

Atomizer airpath can get clogged up Weak mouthpiece. But, be sure to get extra mouthpieces, and the silicone protection caps for the mouthpiece - not in the add-ons, you have to search for it under accessories. Very nice taste on the 2 lower temperature settings, no burned taste at all. Atomizers are easy to clean, but the airpaths can get clogged up and it's very hard/impossible to unclog them again. Don't even think about getting one of the cheaper coil pens, this is the way to go :) So I've been using this one for a week now and I want to give some feedback. This is my first vape pen and when I tried it out for the first time, I was simply mind-blown. The total length is unter 10cm I think and it's about as thick as an AA battery. The akku capacity is enough to go through the day without recharging and the taste is very good. But there's two downsides: First, the price: well the vape pen itself isn't that expensive.

I mean, the device feels premium, so has to be the prize? It is so tiny and light-weight, why wouldn't you carry it around? Anyway, I made a cap from paper to put on the mouth piece to prevent dirt from finding it's way in the vape pen while it is hanging aroung in my bag. Also a tool to fill the vape pen should have been included for that prize. So to sum it up, I think this is a good vape pen but the prize is a little (or very in the case of the atomizer) high, especially given that ohne a small charger and a second mouth piece come with the pen. In my opinion, carrying bag/cap and tools should be included. Niedziele i święta: godz.: 8 00 , 9 30 , 11 00 , 12 30 i 18 00. W lipcu i sierpniu w niedzielę : godz.: 8 00 , 9 30 , 11 00 , 12 30 i 20 00. Gryfa Pomorskiego 51, 84-200 Wejherowo, tel: +48 690-889-728. Light up your room the only way a Pokemon Master should with these 3D etched crystal Pokeballs. Each one contains a Pokemon trapped inside that glows brightly when you switch on the LED light base. True Digimon fans should decorate their Christmas tree like a DigiDestined! These glass ornaments are hand painted with the symbol of all the Digimon crests. You can purchase them separately or as a complete set, Sailor Moon Luna Slippers. Wake up every morning to your very own guardian cat by slipping into a pair of these Luna slippers! The cozy Sailor Moon slippers are filled with thick padding that will firmly hug your feet, keeping them warm as you lounge around home. The fate of humanity rests in just a game of Attack on Titan Monopoly! Payers must travel the game board building walls and gates, assembling an Elite Squad to crush the Titan threat and ensure the survival of mankind. Start your own personal army of darkness by transforming your pet turtle into a minion of evil! This Koopa Trooper cozy is hand knitted to fit snugly over your pet’s shell. Just don’t jump on it or throw at anyone… Kiki’s Delivery Service Jiji Bag. A superb cosplay messenger bag that features one of the most recognizable characters from Kiki’s Delivery Service, Jiji!

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